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Skyland Grain donates to wheat research

Skyland Grain pledged $50,000 to the Kansas Wheat Commission Research Foundation, for the second time, in support of impactful wheat research.

This donation is part of KWCRF’s Fields Forward campaign for a sustainable wheat future. The campaign aims to fund research projects that improve yield and quality, develop and maintain technologies and facilities necessary for future wheat research and cultivate new talent in the wheat breeding and genetics industry.

“This gift is an incredible gesture to Kansas wheat farmers and researchers,” said Aaron Harries, vice president of research and operations at Kansas Wheat. “It will allow us to properly maintain and improve the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, a facility that marks the largest investment by farmers in wheat research to date.”

“This facility has hosted tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe over the last seven years, and it contains the future of wheat genetics in its laboratories and greenhouses,” Harries stated.”This donation gives our stakeholders peace-of-mind, knowing that the hub they have created for international wheat research will be maintained for years to come.”

Skyland Grain was a founding supporter of the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center opened in Manhattan in 2012. They continue to support the white wheat industry in Kansas through their network of farmer customers and have been instrumental in supplying hard white wheat to domestic and international customers.